mz-80b-ownersThe SHARP USERS CLUB is based in the U.K. but has members from all around the globe (including Europe, South Africa, and Australia.) The SUC started in 1980 and its quality magazine, published twice a year, covers ALL Sharp computers from the Z80 through to more modern laptops. At its peak the club had over 800 members, and even after 35 years it’s still going strong!

The SUC has a large library of public domain software (and former commercial software, the rights of which have been handed over
to the club) for all the older (MZ Series) Sharp machines.

The club covers the following categories of technology:

  • Z80 machines (Sharp Basic Tape/Disk OS or CP/M programs) : MZ-80K MZ-80A MZ-80B MZ-700 MZ-800 MZ-3500 PC-3201 (known as the ZY-3200 in the USA)
  • Also Z80 machines that were sold mainly or exclusively in Japan: X1 MZ-2500, and others
  • Early 8086 machines (Non IBM PC compatible – with CP/M-86 or MS-DOS) : MZ-5500 MZ-5600 ZY-1000 Sharpwriter PC-5000
  • Early 8086 laptops PC-4501 MZ-100 \PC-4502 PC-4521 PC-4602 PC-4641 PC-4702 PC-4721 MZ-250 PC-4741 PC-7000
  • 286 laptops: PC-5541 PC-6220 PC-6240 PC-6521 PC-6540
  • Bootdisks: Most of the older Sharp PCs had bootdisks with MS-DOS plus a few Sharp utilities. We are working on ways to make these available but in the meantime if you want a ”vanilla” DOS disk take a look at the FreeDOS project at http://freedos.sourceforge.net/
  • 8088 DOS palmtops (read the FAQ) PC-3000 PC-3100
  • Zaurus PDA ZR-5700 ZR-5800 etc.
  • Windows CE Mobilon PDAs HC-4000 HC-4100 HC-4500 HC-4600 etc.
  • Pocket Computers PC-1211 PC-1246 PC-1248 PC-1251 PC-1260 PC-1262 PC-1280 PC-1350 PC-1360 PC-1401 PC-1403 PC-1421 PC-1425 PC-1430 PC-1450 PC-1500 PC-1600 etc.
  • IQ Wizards IQ-7000 IQ-8000 IQ-8920 IQ-9000 etc.
  • Newton ExpertPad PI-7000 PI-7100

The SUC can supply hardware upgrades and documentation for many of the above machines.

If you would like access to the software libraries and receive club magazines membership is currently a nominal £5.50 subscription per year; please get in touch using the Contact page.